We aim to double the survivability of these six cancers by 2029.

In September 2018, the Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce set itself a target of doubling survival over the next ten years for the less survivable cancers, but we can’t achieve it on our own.

The current five-year survival of the less survivable cancers grouped together stands at just 14% in England. We want to see that doubled to 28% by 2029 and are calling on the government and NHS England to accept this target and to join us in working to achieve it.

Currently, in the UK around 70,000 people are diagnosed with one of the less survivable cancers every year. By setting a target alone, we are letting them, and their loved ones, know that that they matter, that we want to give that person the best chance possible. That they have not been written off. By achieving the doubling of the survival rate to 28%, a total of 20,000 people would live for more than five years after the diagnosis.

That’s an additional 10,000 lives that could be saved every year in the UK.

That’s why it’s so important that the five-year survival is doubled for each of the six less survivable cancers.

Why now?

Successive governments, at UK and devolved level, have failed to prioritise and drive improvements in the less survivable cancers. This has left patients stuck with poor survival figures that were left behind a generation ago by the more survivable cancers.

We desperately need the government to prioritise less survivable cancers to give these cancers the improvements in prognosis other cancers have seen. In recent years there have been seen signs of progress with NHS England piloting lung health checks to detect lung cancer early and the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission investing in research in brain cancer. Progress is possible, but we need the government to fully prioritise less survivable cancers to give these cancers the improvements in prognosis other cancers have seen.

Support our campaign

Your support matters. You can support our campaign by:

  • Sharing our manifesto via social media. Make sure to tag us at @LessSurvivable and use the hashtag #28by29. You can find our manifesto here.
  • Reading and sharing our latest report on the factors delaying research into less survivable cancers here.
  • Contacting us to see how else you can help. The Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce team can provide you with draft tweets, letters and other content.

To contact us, please email: lesssurvivablecancers@principleconsulting.org.uk


We need to take action on less survivable cancers now

If you are a third sector or other expert organisation interested in being involved, please contact us. Membership of the Taskforce currently consists of founding partners, but there will be opportunities for new members to join at a future point in time.

The Taskforce is funded primarily by its founding partners, with administration shared amongst each. Please consider funding the Taskforce’s work by donating to one or more of the partners. Note that, whilst the Taskforce may receive contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, a strict ethical code is applied in order to maintain independence. If you would like to know more about this policy, please contact us.